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Looking for a job together.

Well Done.

Good job.

Yes, they really exist: the right education and the right job. For her. To you. From Berlin and for Berlin. AYEKOO accompanies you and you there. And beyond. With easily digestible advice and people with heart and mind.

If we have done our job well, then the right job will come along for you and for you.

Career counseling

What's after school and how much of it?

What do I actually want? What can I? And what do I have to bring with me for my real dream job?

Graduation or dropout approaching? What now?

Now I know where I stand. How do I find someone who is looking for me and my skills or who is developing them with me?

"Together we transform your dreams, desires and talents into the right job."

"We provide the opportunities, you the motivation and the potential."

Stuck. How can I develop professionally?

The old job doesn't fit anymore, it doesn't develop and I don't. What can I do to make it better?

Mandatory break. How do I get back to work?

The forced break must come to an end, but how do I get back to work now? And who helps?



Thanks to AVGS from the job center
& the Employment Agency.

AVG-What? No idea what that's supposed to be?

AYEKOO explains: AVGS stands for "Akti­vie­rungs- und Ver­mitt­lungs­gut­schein". Complicated neologism, simple purpose. Because you can our free advice and take full advantage!

AYEKOO Consulting & Coaching | Free consultation with AVGS

That sounds perfect! Am I entitled to the AVGS and free careers advice?

Ayekoo shows you and you in our overview what the next steps look like.

For schools

In the middle of their 10th school and final year, your students will surely have their heads full preparing for the exams. And what comes after that often remains hidden. And that's a shame. Because the possibilities are so diverse. That's why we at AYEKOO have set ourselves the task of bringing light into the darkness of the training jungle and conveying everything in an understandable way.

In compact workshops for parents and individual coaching for the students, AYEKOO shows where and how things can go in professional life.

Something again


"Burning for perspectives even at school."

Advice and workshops with a perspective for parents.

We provide an overview. About the training. About the study. Compact and with sense and understanding.

Our individual student coaching.

Even more detail: with our talent check and room for questions and answers for students.

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Career counseling. Your life theme. Your job.

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