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Workshops with a perspective for parents.

We provide an overview. About the training. About the study. Compact and with sense and understanding.

There are an incredible number of career opportunities that open up for students after school. It doesn't matter what degree. And that's what parents need to know. And so that you don't lose track of this flood of information, AYEKOO-individual consultations or compact workshops for parents.

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And what does this help look like?

The most important thing first: We provide an overview and create clarity. Parents receive exactly the information they need for their children to start their careers. Whether training, voluntary social year or secondary schools.

This is how we get the overview:

In compact workshops or in individual consultations, we tackle the following topics with the parents:

  • the Berlin school system
  • School qualifications: what do I need for what?
  • Deciding to study or train?
  • School Perspective: Secondary Schools at Berlin Upper School Centers?
  • Everything about school and dual training
  • What options are there after the 10th grade?
  • How can I support my child with career orientation?

Good prices. Good job.

We have the right offer. Perfectly tailored to you. after one free initial consultation.


Then just pass it on. Maybe your friends or family members?

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