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This is me: Barbara Tamakloe.
Owner of Ayekoo.


career counseling. your life theme. Said a close friend and mentor. She was right. As a teenager, 1.000 ideas in my head and no idea what to do. And so it became nursing. But the feeling of having arrived professionally did not last. The inner unrest set in – the search started all over again.

Then during my studies new doors opened. I was able to try myself and got to know a lot of new things.

And then I discovered him the job, where I can do what I want and what I can: Counseling people, empowering them to see their strengths and talents and to do what they are passionate about.


I found my job. Also because I know what it's like to have no idea what you want and what you can do.

The detours brought me to my destination. I've met great people along the way. And I was able to learn from them to see and pay attention to my talents and abilities. 


My path led me from the country to the city. From Hotzenwald to Berlin. And I was always accompanied by working with people and their professional happiness!

And that's what it's all about AYEKOO. For your professional happiness. For your arrival. And along the way, there is no right or wrong. We accompany you and go your own way with you.


  • Owner of Ayekoo – Consulting and Coaching UG
  • 16 years managing director of educational companies in Berlin
  • Team leader of the Germany-wide training department of a Dutch personnel consultancy
  • Personnel Advisor

Qualifications & Certifications

  • Studied and graduated as a communications specialist
  • career counselor
  • Professional and trainee coach
  • coach and mediator
  • trainer

Our mission statement

AYEKOO – Consulting and Coaching UG accompanies young people and adults with a successful entry into the world of work. Personal life plans, wishes and goals are the focus of our advice.

We understand the cultural and human diversity of our customers positively and see this as great potential for the development of our society.

We meet all people involved in our work in a nonjudgmental, open and tolerant manner - we respect other cultures.

The social integration of immigrants and their families takes place through their participation in social, political and economic processes, including through their participation in the labor market. This also applies to young people who are looking for a suitable apprenticeship.

With our work, we contribute to creating equal opportunities where social structures make it difficult for young and adult immigrants and their families to start a career.

We attach great importance to maintaining our high advisory standards and are aware of our role model function in our work with young people.

We are committed to the compatibility of family and paid work for all employees. This includes both the regulations on working hours and place of work as well as the form and implementation of the work content. Employees are encouraged and further training opportunities are part of lifelong learning.

We attach great importance to collegiality, team orientation and the motivation of all employees.


Then just pass it on. Maybe your friends or family members?

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Career counseling. Your life theme. Your job.

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