mandatory break.

How do I get back to work?

The forced break must come to an end, but how do I get back to work now? And who can help me?

Glad you asked: AYEKOO can help. Invest together
we are looking for the job that you are in demand for, that you enjoy and that will finally get you out of the forced break.

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And what does this help look like?

Every person is different. That's why we only offer products that are tailored to your needs and wishes individual consultations

Together we look for suitable and vacant jobs and prepare you for the first contact with your potential employer and desired job.

If you wish, we can also put you in touch with the company of your choice. 

But that's not all:
We will also create your application documents with you and provide you with everything that is important so that you can successfully complete your interview at the company of your choice.

This is how we find the career path:

There are many ways to a new job, no right or wrong. We will go your own way with you and tackle the following topics together:

  • Your previous professional situation, your wishes and goals
  • Your personal chances, prospects and salary possibilities
  • Your advancement through further education and training
  • Your application documents and search strategies

Free career advice

If you looking for work or unemployed are reported is our AYEKOO consultation for you free of charge.

With the Activation and Referral Voucher (AVGS) the employment agency or the job center.


Then just pass it on. Maybe your friends or family members?

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