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Student coaching.

Even more detail: with our talent check and room for questions and answers for students.

There are lots of apprenticeships, courses of study and 1.000 other ways to get your dream job. And so that your students do not lose track here, we bring light into the darkness at AYEKOO.

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And what does this help look like?

First of all, it is important that we look for the best and most suitable way for your students to start their training. In individual coaching.

There we show what the job market looks like and how it is developing. Together we work out job-related strengths, skills and desires. We look for suitable training companies and provide your students with all the important information about the training.

But that's not all:
We phone companies, create application documents and prepare your students so that they can also successfully master their job interviews at the company of their choice.

This is how we find the career path:

There are many ways to get there, no right or wrong. Together with the students we tackle the following topics:

  • What I want?
  • What can I?
  • What are work-related strengths?
  • What jobs are there and how do I get there?
  • What is dual and school-based training?
  • I want to study - what do I need for that?
  • What are my chances and are there alternatives?

Good prices. Good job.

We have the right offer. Perfectly tailored to you. after one free initial consultation.

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